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Rhode Island's Health Insurance Consumer Support Line

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Call toll-free 1-(855)-747-3224 

About the RI Insurance Resource, Education, and Assistance Consumer Helpline

The world of health insurance, both commercial and public, can be difficult to navigate alone when trying to find out about coverage, premiums, deductibles, denials – it can all get confusing. RIREACH empowers consumers to get what they need from their coverage by helping consumers navigate the process. RIREACH draws upon the same peer-to-peer support model that RIPIN (The Rhode Island Parent Information Network) has successfully used for over 21 years. We are all consumers too.

RIREACH supports Rhode Island’s consumers through the changes in and new implementation phases in the Affordable Care Act and will answer questions consumers have about coverage. We have the ability to bring peace of mind to over 100,000 Rhode Islanders that may be insured for the first time or those who are unsure about how health insurance coverage works by helping them navigate systems.  We also assist consumers with finding other resources they might need.

RIREACH is centrally located in Cranston, RI. We strive to give consumers a voice and to make health insurance understandable and accessible to Rhode Islanders.

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